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My first Week as intern at JIDOKA

March 23, 2022

My first Week as intern at JIDOKA

Ferre Vangenechten This week marks the first day of my internship. I was welcomed by Jana, the office assistant. Shetold us more about the company culture and the way of working at JIDOKA. Later I met my internship supervisors, Bjorn (CTO) and Chris (solution engineer). Unfortunately, Jordy (solution engineer) was still ill. Bjorn and Chris […]

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Release Dart 2.15

January 26, 2022

Dart 2.15

Recently, Google launched version 2.15 of their programming language Dart. Some new features include constructor tear-offs and improved enumerations. What is Dart? Dart is an object-oriented, open-source programming language developed by Google. Since its first stable release in 2011, Dart has undergone many changes. Version 2 introduced a static type system. The programming language is […]


Ui design

January 20, 2022

UI trends for 2022

Dark mode Dark mode is not something new. Many apps and websites allow users to switch between light and dark mode. By implementing a dark theme, you can ensure that the contrasting colors can improve visibility for visually impaired users. In addition, a dark theme also reduces power consumption for cell phones with OLED screens. […]


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January 14, 2022

My JIDOKA Internship

I am Marnic Janssen, a student in IT at PXL college with a specialization in Application Development. I always have been interested in computers and IT since I was young. This interest only grew over time, so I knew I wanted to do something in IT. Besides IT, I also have other hobbies like skiing, […]

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Flutter 2.8

December 17, 2021

Flutter 2.8

Google has released a new update to Flutter, which includes a number of new features and improvements that should refine the experience for mobile and web developers. Flutter wants to change the way apps are built. Mobile, web, desktop and embedded development are grouped into one toolkit: developers can focus on what they want to […]

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March 18, 2021

Open Source at JIDOKA

At JIDOKA we strongly believe in open source, this doesn’t mean we don’t believe in commercial software. Many of the projects we do result in software that end users have to pay for, this of course is the choice of the client. If the software that is being built is the differentiator in the market, […]

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Remote whiteboard sessions

February 17, 2021

Remote whiteboard sessions

During our projects, we do regular whiteboard sessions to better understand processes, architectures and other complex concepts. Pre-COVID this was done using whiteboards, post-its and whiteboard markers (don’t use permanent markers!). We challenge our customers and colleagues to find issues with our designs and are very happy if they find ones so we can correct […]

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December 2, 2020

From static to dynamic, a tools page story

After a 5-year existence of the internal JIDOKA Tools page, it was time to give it a new look. The Tools page has been developed to create a repository for all the tools we use within JIDOKA. Tools such as our internal resume app, timesheet apps, Jira, Confluence and so on are placed within this […]

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Blog banner

November 4, 2020

My internship at JIDOKA

I am Ruben Horemans, student IT Factory at Thomas More with specialisation Application Development. From when I was young, I knew I wanted to do something in IT so know I am busy fulfilling this childhood dream. Outside of IT I have a lot of different interests like my hobbies: MMA/Muay Thai and skateboarding. The […]

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