Refer a friend

Know someone in your network who’s looking for a new professional challenge and might match our opportunities? Make sure to refer your friend!

Our referral process

Refer a family member, (ex)-colleague or friend that might be interesting to us. We will do our best to help them with their next career move. If we successfully sign a contract with your referee for one of our positions, regardless if he/she is a freelancer or permanent employee, and they successfully start in their new job, we will reward you with a €500 voucher from or Coolblue. You can also decide to donate your referral (or a part of it) to a charity cause of choice. We will send you a confirmation once your money has been donated.

But it’s not just about money. With our values, our service ethics and our expertise, we will ensure that your referee enjoys a good experience – and, we very much hope, an excellent outcome. The bottom line is, you can make your recommendation with confidence towards your referee and at the same time receive a small thank you from us.

How does it work ?

Send an email to with the name, email address and CV of your referee. We will keep you updated during the entire process. We confirm your voucher as soon as your referee signs his/her contract and successfully starts in the new role.


This campaign is open for all individuals that have referred a friend with name, email address and CV to for a job opening or staffing request. The referee needs to give consentto proceed with the actual referral. This campaign is only open for all legal inhabitants of Belgium.  One person can refer multiple people and receive multiple vouchers if they are placed according to the terms described. Where more than one person introduces the candidate, we will operate a first come first served policy.

In the event of any disputed rewards, JIDOKA’s decision will be final.