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Event sourcing part 2 background

September 7, 2020

Event sourcing in a legacy system – Part 2 – Chose boring technologies

In our first blog post on CQRS/ES, we briefly explained this architecture pattern, outlined the specific project context in which we found ourselves and also went into the specific reasons that led us to this pattern.In this blog post, we will go deeper into the technical details and how we applied CQRS/ES in this legacy […]


event-sourcing background

August 21, 2020

Event sourcing in a legacy system – Part 1 – Context is king

In this series of blog posts, I want to talk about the CQRS/ES (Command Query Separation with Event Sourcing) architecture pattern and specifically how this architecture pattern can be used in a legacy system. The essence of CQRS is simple: where before there was only 1 service there are now 2: 1 service optimized for writing the […]


May 28, 2020

The fascinating world of Augmented Reality

Hi, I’m Arne Van Gestel and from 2nd March 2020 till 29th May 2020 I was an intern  at JIDOKA, my internship assignment was the research of augmented reality.  But what is augmented reality? Wikipedia says the following: “Augmented reality of AR is a live, direct or indirect, image of reality to which elements are added […]

Internship, Technology

May 19, 2020

My JIDOKA journey

Huh? JIDOKA? What? I am Charlene Asvestas, a graduate student at PXL. I study Business and Languages with the option Human Resources. And yes, I was also an intern at JIDOKA, so welcome to my blog. Then you start wondering how an HR student ended up at an IT company? Well, as everyone knows, we […]

Human Resources, Internship

April 22, 2020

Creating clouds and connecting them with tunnels

A long time ago in a JIDOKA office space not so far, far away, a certain idea came to live after an interesting discussion with the JIDOKA DevOps team. The idea consisted out of the possibility to build a Kubernetes cluster on Azure with the sole purpose of acting as a test environment for some […]

Cloud, DevOps, Technology

April 10, 2020

How we deal with the CORONA crisis

Giving the important message to stay home I must say, the past few weeks haven’t been easy. In the weeks before lockdown we already started feeling the extra pressure and large attention from the news, social media, the government… on how companies should organise themselves in the upcoming and deal with the fast-moving CORONA crisis.  […]

Human Resources, Technology

March 6, 2020

Identity and Access Management for modern applications

When we heard JIDOKA was organising a Hackathon we immediately knew which challenge we wanted to solve. Said challenge kept rearing its head during internal projects:  “Who are you and what are you allowed to do?” Context Every internal JIDOKA app had its own identity and access management system, some more advanced than others. Our […]

Hackathon, Security, Technology

February 28, 2020

Bringing Ideas to Life

A quick introduction on Ruben Pieters, one of our interns. He’s a student at Thomas More, Interactive Multimedia Design. During his internship Ruben will work, together with another intern, on upgrading our internal coaching tool. He’s a full stack developer and always on the hunt for a new adventure. Bringing ideas to life, designing and […]

Human Resources, Internship, Technology

February 27, 2020

No Time Left

At the end of November last year, JIDOKA organised a hackathon from Friday evening after work until Sunday in the late afternoon. Together with 2 colleagues I formed 1 of the 7 teams that participated. The subject that we chose is something that almost every developer in the world has some sort of problem with: […]

Hackathon, Technology

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