Front-end Training

About the training

At JIDOKA we have developed an extensive Javascript, NodeJS and React training course. This course can however be divided into smaller workshops.
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Why follow this course?

  • Expand knowledge in Javascript, NodeJS and React technologies


Javascript General (1 day)

  • ES6 – ES7
  • Variables + Scopes
  • Classes
  • Arrow functions
  • Promises and Async
  • De-structuring
  • Template literals
  • Other concepts
  • Support: Compile to ‘old’ Javascript with tools (Babel)
  • Linting/Formatting: (ESLint, Prettier)
  • TC39 proposals

NodeJS (1 day)


  • What is NodeJS
  • NPM + Modules
  • NPM: version management (SEMVER, shrinkwrap, lock-files, …)
  • Node Event Loop
  • Node IO (FS, HTTP, Socket, …)
  • Running NodeJS applications


  • Routing
  • Route parameters and queries
  • Express middleware
  • View engines
  • Error handling
  • Security

React (3 days)


  • What is React
  • React Architecture (scalable folder structure)
  • React vs Angular vs Vue
  • React Components
  • Component Lifecycles
  • JSX (introduction / in depth)
  • Basic state management
  • Building react applications (Webpack, CRA)
  • AJAX and API’s


  • Elements
  • Form validation
  • Error handling


  • React Routing
  • Error handling


  • Security
  • Performance: Profiler
  • State management (Redux)
  • Context API
  • Portals (for modals)
  • Presentational and container components
  • Hooks API (+16.7.x)
  • Redux thunk
  • Redux Saga
  • Styling components
    • Oldschool sass
    • CSS-in-JS (styled-components, emotion)
    • css-modules
  • Component re-use


  • Jest + enzyme
  • React-testing-library


  • Anyone interested in front-end development
  • Junior, medior or senior developers


  • This course can be organized both at client-side, as well as JIDOKA offices in Hasselt or Mechelen
  • Please note this is a 5-day course, but can also be customized to smaller or larger workshops

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