Clean Code Training

About the training

Clean Code is a must-have training for everyone active in software development. Writing well-structured code is at the heart of software craftsmanship and is a skill that takes time to develop and requires continuous improvement.
This course contains both theory as well as practical exercises, is taught in either Dutch or English, and provides the experience and knowledge you need to write clean code.

Why follow this course?

  • Learn how to achieve the ability to write clean code,
  • Become a better software craftsman
  • Recognize common sources of complexity
  • Clean up and refactor code to remove and reduce code smells
  • Write cleaner and more maintainable code with less effort
  • Get a practical introduction to TDD and how it can help you write cleaner code


  • Why clean code
  • What is clean code
  • Meaningful names
  • Functions
  • Exception handling
  • Comments
  • Formatting
  • TDD
  • DRY
  • Systems
  • Complexity
  • Law of Demeter
  • Tell, don’t ask
  • Simple design


  • Students or graduates from IT related educations
  • Junior, medior, senior developers


  • Bring your own laptop with working development environment
  • This course can be organized both at client-side, as well as JIDOKA offices in Hasselt or Mechelen
  • Please note this is a 2-day course, but can also be customized to smaller workshops

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