Candidate journey

What to expect

First step icon

First step

Let's start with a CV screening & short telephone call. We'll introduce you to Jidoka and give you more details about our job openings. We like to hear about your motivation and expectations towards a new challenge.

Time to meet icon

Time to meet

Let’s meet for the 1st time and get to know each other. Topics are Education and Career, Soft skills, Growth path, Flexibility & availability

Strike a pose icon

Show us your skills

Show us your competences and technical skills. We don't like the old-fashioned way of interviewing candidates, so ...

  • If you're a developer, we are happy to invite your for a pair programming session with one of your future colleagues
  • If you're an analyst, we'll ask you to prepare a compilation of analysis's you made in the past
  • All our other applicants will get a fun assignment to show us their skills
Welcome on board icon

Welcome on board

If the positive feeling is mutual, you receive a transparant and detailed contract proposal and we're very happy to welcome you to our team.

MBTI assessment icon

MBTI assessment

Time for an MBTI assessment. There are no good or bad answers, we just like to know how you perceive the world around you