JIDOKA helps organizations in finding the right match between their IT resource needs and the most competent and motivated consultants, because we deliver consultants that make the difference at our customers.


Our talent pool


  • Our software developers are craftsmen who write quality software in a productive way in team cooperation with the team. Often they are the ones who cover the more complex pieces of software or for example perform code reviews for other colleagues.
  • The JIDOKA architects jump-start projects with our customers. They realize a basic architecture for the software and ensure that the right tools and staging environments are available and so much more (depending on the customer’s situation). 
  • Our business analysts have advanced analysis methods and technique knowledge. They know what method or technique fits best within the specific situation of the customer and typically take the lead during the business analysis phase of the project.


Our added value


We have a proven track of engaging IT professionals for several customers in different industries, and we value long term relationships to ensure a trustworthy and transparent cooperation between customer and consultant. Not only do we keep in mind the right technical skills, we also try to seek candidates with the right mindset and fit with our customers’ culture and values.


Our consultants strive to make real progress every single day by focussing on the challenges that are key to project progress and success. They have great communication skills and can read the politics of the project setting. These qualities are required to unblock difficult situations whenever they would occur.


What do we offer our customers?


  • pool of highly competent IT resources
  • facilitation in the entire interview process
  • training, coaching and evaluation of our consultants
  • assistance in contracts and onboarding
  • rate transparency
  • a single point of contact


What do we expect in return?


Before we start our search for those special consultants, we would like to know:

  • number of resources needed
  • preferred start date and duration of the contract
  • short project description
  • hard and soft skills needed for the project
  • budget for the specific resources
  • internal selection process

As soon as we gather this information, we start our search and keep you informed along the way, keeping in mind deadlines and internal processes.


Interested in our staffing services?

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