Project rescue


When working on IT projects, a lot can go wrong. JIDOKA helps customers who already have begun a project but bump into certain unexpected problems.


A selection of often recurring problems


  • The project is behind schedule
  • The project does not deliver the requirements that the stakeholders expect
  • The development team has no supported development approach
  • The software quality is poor
  • The delivered software is not user-friendly
  • The software can not handle peak times


Problems are roughly divided into 2 categories:


  1. Technical and/or architectural issues
  2. Business and/or functional issues


To solve these issues, senior architects and analysts will execute a project rescue command at our costumers. Together with our project rescue service, the customer receives a(n) (advice)report with a list of different root causes underlying the problems identified. There are also proposed solution alternatives.  


JIDOKA can help understand the challenges you are facing and try to find a better solution. Need help?

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