Blockchain Training

About the training

Blockchain has received a lot of attention in public discussion and in the media. Some enthusiasts claim that the blockchain is the biggest invention since the rise of the internet. Companies in various industries are currently looking how blockchain can and eventually will impact their business.  
This course will give you a better understanding of the blockchain technology and the use of blockchain in modern society.

Why follow this course?

  • Better understand blockchain, smart contracts, decentralised autonomous organisations, …  
  • Get familiar with the business opportunities that blockchain offers
  • Better understand blockchain architecture and techniques


  • Why the blockchain is needed
  • How the blockchain works
  • Limitations and how to overcome them
  • Using the blockchain: summary and outlook
  • Contracts
  • Justice Applications
  • Efficiency and Coordination Applications


  • Everyone interested in the blockchain technology


  • This course can be organized both at client-side, as well as JIDOKA offices in Hasselt or Mechelen
  • Please note this is a 1-day course, but can also be customized to smaller or larger workshops  

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