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About the internship

We want to develop a custom headless CMS for use in the JIDOKA website, our internal tools and our blog. A headless CMS is a content management systeem that only has a backend and a backoffice UI, used by content editors, but no graphical user interface for presenting the content to end users.
On the frontend side an application that wants to show data stored in a headless CMS will only be able to use the APIs the CMS offers. This means that the frontends are able to be written in any language that is able to do REST/JS API calls.
The goal of the internship is to develop a headless CMS (e.g.: prismic.io and Contentful) with a lot of attention to user friendliness of the content editor UI and to simple and fast REST/JS APIs for content retrieval.

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Jan Eerdekens - Lead Technical Specialist


your profile

  • You are currently following a bachelor education Computer Science or Electronics-ICT
  • You have an adequate level of knowledge of Java and Javascript/Typescript and are a quick learner with regards to the other tools and technologies that will be used.
  • You are passionate about software development
  • You are able to perfectly communicate, read, write in Dutch and English
  • You are proactive, enthusiastic and motivated

What will your day look like?

  • You will work on developing the backend of the headless CMS in Spring Boot
  • You will work on creating a flexible and user friendly backoffice UI for the headless CMS
  • You will work on exposing the headless CMS via REST and JS APIs
  • You will work on integrating the headless CMS into our existing applications using the APIs you created

What we offer

  • Fun work environment (Mechelen or Hasselt)
  • Great colleagues
  • A dedicated internship mentor
  • Adequate and qualitative coaching and mentoring

Tools and technologies

  • Java
  • Spring Boot 2.x
  • SQL
  • Angular 9.x (Typescript)
  • PrimeNG 9.x

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