At JIDOKA we assist in assessing if a candidate is the right match for your company and requirements.

Our assessment process

Through interviews, we get a better understanding of the role you’re offering. We assess:

  • Education and work experience
  • Soft skills
  • Growth path
    Core values
  • Flexibility & availability
  • Salary expectations
  • Competences and technical skills
    • If the candidate is a developer, we will organize a pair programming session with one of our senior developers
    • If the candidate is an Analyst, we will ask him/her to prepare a compilation of analyses they made in the past in order to assess way of working
    • All other applicants will get a fun assignment to show us their skills
  • Time for an MBTI¬†assessment
    • There are no good or bad answers, we just want to know how the candidate perceives the world around him, and if there’s a match within the existing team

After the assessment process, you receive a transparant summary of the results, and our advice. Along the way we will always keep you informed about the assessment status.